Saturday, January 15, 2011

W=What a Wonderful Wift (gift)

I celebrate January with wonderful swap gifts!!. Just received them from Kak Yati these two lovely purse and wristlet. I will keep the small ones for Nabilah. I swap my craft with Hani as well, a simple table runner.

Lucky Nabilah who just turned up to be 1 and received two presents from mama and auntie Yati.

I sewed a blouse for her using crochet (from misFyd craft) and japanese cotton with dobby texture.

happy weekend all!!


asuhara sue said...

Nabila channn kawaiii~~

Nuno Lady said...

sue.. arigatou.. :))

MamaDaniel said...

cantiknyer purse tu... :D

Nuno Lady said...

mama daniel.. memang cantik... dan cute

color me pretty said...

you punya mesin brother tu model yg mana ye?

Nuno Lady said...

color me pretty (I hope I know your name)
It is Brother Innovis CR1000 (this model is only available in japan)
the similar model in Malaysia might be innovis IS-900 agaknya