Sunday, January 16, 2011

X=Xciting Xtivities a.k.a Sewing

I joined JOM JAHIT by tini hani from last December and I decided to compile my collections here. The latest jom jahit is to sew a tea cozy. This tea cozy fits for all of my tea pots. Those teapots are my wedding collections. I made some changes on making of this tea cozy.
My hubby and I are japanese tea lovers. We also drink BOH tea without sugar. Give a try! you will taste the real tea!! However tea is NOT GOOD for me because I am an anemic person (anemia=less red blood cells). Then I should drink more blood just like a vampire. hihi

These sunhats were made as presents for two adorable kids, Wafiq (boy) and Afrin (girl). I love blue colours. So, I matched the in and out of the hats with blue too. Mushi (in japanese) means beetles. The famous pet for japanese kids during summer.

Thank you everyone for reading my entries. I am almost reaching the Z alphabet. I take one year to complete my ABC entry. hiks... Soon I will try to share some tips and tutorials that I inherited from my granny and my mom. Happy monday!


TiniHani said...

finally u berjaya gak compile sun hat dalam ni.. cepat gak siapkan tea cozy tu... mmg nampak cozy :)

ween said...

i love ur A to Z style of writing. uniqueness! the tea cozy and sunhats look great ^^

asuhara sue said...

cute la tea cozy tu!

Nuno Lady said...

tini..nak kejar yg tak sempat publish last month ;)
ween.. tq..hajimemashite
sue.. ;))