Friday, June 3, 2011

Langkawi Island, Malaysia-Series 2

Happy school holidays!!... Where is your destination this time? Well, Langkawi Island could be the best place to go!!

I would like to share some photo and views around Chenang beach at Langkawi..

Most of the photos were taken on the first day we arrived. This restaurant smells good with the fresh seafood serves as dinner but we are already full at that time.

This was a catchy shop. I am in love with the shop when I saw the collections for the first time. All white, neat and tidy with fine embroidery on them. But I did not buy any of them and I will let you know later. ;0

Lets walk and burn our calories this weekend!! Enjoy!!


BadRiza said...

the skirts in that shop (in the last pic) are all gorgeous!!! :D

Wow... I wish I can have some 'cuti2 and jalan2' too.. :(

Sooner, maybe ;) (InsyaAllah)

Take care Fit! <3

Nuno Lady said...

yes they are....

take care yer... cant wait to meet you dear...