Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Refashion - Bed sheet

This time I worked with something 'BIG' i.e. bed sheet refashion. I changed my bed into a king-size because WE need to have a beauty sleep at night. The old bed remains as Nabilah's new bed ;). Sooooooooo, I added one extra line in the middle of the queen-size bedsheet to mark our own territory (no tresspassing!!) hihi and two extra pillowcases.

I am rushing to get home!!... I have to fetch the garfield's buddy... See yaa!

Thank you for dropping by at my blog ;)


BadRiza said...

wah cadar pulak? wow...i can never imagine myself menjahit haha. Ahh.. I do envy those who can sew, like you... hehehe. Good job Fit, cantik cadarnye :)

Nuno Lady said...

tq ;))


salam, u masih berada di jepun ke? saya sedang mencari sesiapa yang boleh bantu saya untuk membeli kain cotton japanese.... sila hubungi saya di anizz98@yahoo.com