Sunday, July 10, 2011

My first attempt

Hi everyone. I would like to share with you my new experience. Sewing ribbon embroideries on my plain white skirt. That is the reason why I did not buy the white skirt here in Langkawi.

These flowers only used threads. I applied the same embroidery here before this.

These are totally my new ribbon embroidery collections after seeing them in here. ;p
Personally, I love thread embroidery than the ribbon ones. I need more time to develop the embroidering skill.

This is the new look of my plain skirt. ;))
Happy weekend all.


asuhara sue said...


BadRiza said...

envy you!

as i said on fb..those are so gorgeous! errr...berapa hengget ye kalau nak beli skirt yg dah jahit bunga2 gojes tu? (hihih)

Nuno Lady said...

asuhara sue-arigatou ne ;)

envy you too...the sketching talent..
hihi... not for sale.. tunggu koyak dulu..hihi

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