Monday, February 27, 2012

First entry of 2012

February is ending!!.. Looking for April to start *smiling* coz we will go on board Inshaallah! Please help Nabilah to cheer up during the passport photographing :)

She wore the blouse and jeans pant that I sewed last January on her second birthday. It was a one night stand project that made me sleepy in the LRT on the next day.

I used scrap fabric for the waist line and patch a "trademark" that papa bought last year ;)

This is our latest collection which we loved to wear them very much :). The colour and print are really perfect for the coming spring season. That is the reason why I put sakura applique on Nabilah's dress.

Nabilah is staring and thinking what is the next action she wants to do in front of papa.

To all, hope you will have a very fine and prosperous new year!!


asuhara sue said...

wahhh nak kemana tuuu?
kalau dah datang semangat menjahit, tak boleh tidur selagi tak siap kan..
btw, it's kawai!

Nuno Lady said...

betul tu asuhara sue. take Lena tidur dibuatnya.hihhihihi

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