Monday, December 19, 2011

Ending of the year 2011 with scrapped fabrics

Hi everyone!... I was busy and crazy with scrapped projects lately. It is a sign that I should let go my precious collections. So I started with something simple like this bag. I made it as a present for my friend who just got her minds clear with the pain of writing. I suppose sewing is easier than writing ;))

Then, this cute drawstring is also a present for my friend who just finished her viva presentation with a little gift inside :)

Then, I continued with the smallest thing I ever sew!! The cutest card case for another two of my friends who won the best authors for this year! big claps for them.

Then, I started to get crazy with the japanese fan shapes and himawari (sun flower). So, I decided to decorate my office's wall with this patchwork. It took me 2 weeks to complete it while watching Kunfu Panda with Nabilah.

Then, I made a prayer suit (telekong) for solat specially for Nabilah. The scraped meant for finishing the edge of the suit instead of the bias tape.

Finally, I made an anti-slipped prayer mat (sajadah) for Nabilah. I imitated the mosque's applique from the Masjid Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah which is located near to my house. Then, I decorated with a small fish pond. Then I tried a free-style quilting on the sky background ;)


MyBotanG said...

wonderful little projects perfect to get rid of those scrap fabrics and a good way to end 2011.. :)

Hope you had a wonderful year Fit and hope to see many more wonderful projects in the future..

hugs and kisses to Nabilah..

Nuno Lady said...

Thank you sue... You always inspired me with your cute projects... Many happy returns to you too..

Dewi Aja said...

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