Friday, February 11, 2011

How to cut - doll cut

I did receive a request last year on how to do a doll cut (potongan anak patung) for making this blouses. Here are the simple steps.

1. Fold your fabric and trace any size of blouse/maxi (plus 1.5 for seam allowance).

2. Mark the centre part by cutting the edge of the fabric.

3. Refold by facing the sleeve-to-sleeve on the wrong side.

4. Place the 'bulan' to cut the neck line

5. The 'bulan' should be placed like this. There are three notches on the bulan. Match the marked notch on the fabric to the third notch on the bulan (the most right ones). Cut the fabric around the bulan. Remove the bulan. Then, cut the fabric about 3.5" (on the most left side of the folded fabric)

6. Lined the neckline. To make the liner, repeat step no. 5 on the other piece of fabric and you can ommit the marked notch.

7. You may add the sleeve part if it is not long enough.

8. It is ready to be sewn

The beauty of this cut is that you don't have to worry about how to cut the shoulder and armscye parts and yet it is very comfy. This cutting is best for soft and easy-to-fall type fabric like viscose etc. I used cotton similar to this blouse.