Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Matryoshika in Jinbei

Do you remember this print that I offered for a pool order about a year back? Well, now it is ready to wear known as a Jinbei. I love the Matryoshika dolls very much. How I wish I can make my own blouse with this print.. hihihi.. kawaii deshou?

I refer to this pattern for making the shirt part. I want to make a long pants a.k.a. mosquito repellent, I change the design a little bit.

Tadaaa... Nabilah is ready to be a Masturi performer. Just like these kids in matsuri performance during Hanami. Personally, I love this pattern because it is buttonless and it has roomy neckline area. (pssttt.. I love the neckline part as it resembles kimono or yukata) and it is the Japanese style identity.

Now, I am thinking how to Malaysianize this Hakama costume (because I love the neckline and the skirt!!!!). So that I can wear in a hot and sunny day during my students graduation...hihi... Maybe it will be rationalized next year???. .. What do you think of my proposal?..

you can borrow this costume for wedding photographing session... I have them in my closet ;).. or if you want to buy it, I can help you to get one through online shopping. Happy sewing !!


asuhara sue said...

waaaa i likeeeee the hakama yg u pakai tu.....! takai tak?

Nuno Lady said...

hikhik...about RM200 (tak silap)

BadRiza said...

such creative lady la you, fitto san!
Nabilah is so lucky...
about your proposal, sounds great..!! pakaila time konvo.. mesti teruja student2 nengok.. ;D

Nuno Lady said...

fariza auckie... you too.. please share the secret recipes ok!!